With the global urban population proliferating at a rate of knots every year, perhaps even absorbing 60% of humanity by the end of this decade, it has become one of the most pivotal questions that mankind has to ask itself: Can the cities of Planet Earth support us all?

Although an approximation, land accounts for 29% of the Earth’s surface with only ~1% of this being colonized by humans. Oh, so we’re fine! What are we worrying about? Well, the perils of uncontrollable urban sprawl are one of these, another would be the rapidly diminishing resources we require to power our cities. There is no easy way to say this besides: it is time to make massive change in our living systems, starting in urban regions, in order to sustain some kind of future for the race on this planet. Our most viable alternative is to move to Mars.

This site will act as a scrapbook for the potential that we have at our fingertips, hands and minds in the bid to formulate the best possible urban futures for us all. I will be accepting suggestions, full articles (with full credit) and link exchanges, as well as applications for authors to appear on this blog more regularly on the contact page.

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